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Sandwich Youth Basketball of Cape Cod

Letter to the SYB Parents
P.O. Box 775, Forestdale, MA 02644

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the start of the new Sandwich Youth Basketball season. We hope that your basketball season is full of laughs and cheers. When your son or daughter walks away at the end of the season, it is our hope they will have learned something new about the game of basketball, as well as good sportsmanship.

Sandwich Youth Basketball is the largest basketball program in the area.  We have over 900 players in our program each year.  Along with the responsibility of selecting 90 coaches to watch over your sons and daughters, scheduling practices and games is our greatest challenge.   With this in mind, if we have made a mistake with your son/daughter, let the coach know as soon as possible.  He/She will notify the commissioner and we will do our best to rectify the problem.

During the year, if a problem arises, inform the coach. The coach will inform the commissioner and the commissioner will approach the board.  If the coach will not address the problem, then contact the commissioner.  Please, speak with the coach first.  These people donate much of their time, and if the request is reasonable, we are sure they will do their best to help you.

If you enjoy the program or think you can improve the program, or just want to participate more, come aboard! Please submit a letter to the Basketball Board asking to join.  Tell us about yourself and your basketball background.

We all hope you enjoy this basketball season.


Sandwich Youth Basketball

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