Sandwich Youth Basketball, P.O. Box 775, Forestdale, MA 02644

Coaches corner:

All coaches and assistants must complete a cori before they can sit on the bench. 
See your commissioner if you have not already completed one.

COACHES CODE OF CONDUCT Expected behavior for all coaches:

Coaches will place the emotional and physical well-being of their players ahead of a personal desire to win. For coaches, the primary responsibility is to teach the players sportsmanship and the fundamental skills of basketball. Teaching the skills of basketball can encompass many difficult drills, but the Sandwich Youth Basketball program insists that all drills be conducted with the players in mind. Sportsmanship is taught through example and behavior. Through practice and games, the participants can enjoy the game of basketball, and strive to do well. Playing the game to the best of ones ability should be the primary goal of the players, and to provide an enjoyable atmosphere should be the primary goal of the adults involved.

Treat all players, league officials, game officials, parents and spectators with dignity and respect.

All players shall receive playing time according to the equal participation rules established by Sandwich Youth Basketball and the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Encourage players to enjoy the game of basketball and provide equal opportunities to learn the game regardless of skill level, race, religion, color, sex, body type, disability or ability.

Coaches must lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all players. Abide by and support the rules of basketball in general and in specific the rules adopted by Sandwich Youth Basketball.

Be gracious in victory and defeat. Maintain a positive, helpful and supportive attitude toward all players and coaches in the basketball program. Never forget that you are coaching someone else’s children in a youth basketball program. Always emphasis fun and participation over winning and losing.

Provide an environment for your team that is free of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Provide a safe playing environment for your players at all times.Be prepared to deal with minor injuries that occur during normal practice and game situations. Demonstrate concern for the health and well being of your players. Notify the parents of any players who is injured no matter how minor the injury.

Be prepared! You and your players should show up early for games and practices. Have a practice plan and execute it. Make practices fun and educational with equal emphasis on conditioning and skills.

If you have questions or need assistance in running practices, teaching skills or rules of the game ask your commissioner for assistance.

The SYB Board will investigate incidences of poor behavior or neglect of duties demonstrated by coaches. Disciplinary measures will be taken if necessary and may include expulsion from the program.



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