Sandwich Youth Basketball, P.O. Box 775, Forestdale, MA 02644

Board Members:

The Sandwich Youth Basketball Board of Directors is made up of adults who have a love of the game of basketball, and the desire to devote their time and their skills to develop a program that will provide the youth of Sandwich the avenue of which to play the game.  The Board strives to improve the program, and has, over the years, modified the program to its current state.  The Board continually strives to make this the best youth basketball program anywhere.

Executive Board
President:   John Tzimorangas   jtzimorangas@energynewengland.com
Vice President :   Stu Adams   stuadams@comcast.net
Vice President :   Maureen Downes   pdownzee@comcast.net
Treasurer:   Jon Caron   joncaron29@comcast.net
Secretary:   Martina Mehl   mmehl@comcast.net

Board of Directors 

Scott Abramson esabramson@comcast.net
Jeff Buttrick my4girls1@yahoo.com
Jack Cameron jccameron@comcast.net
Basil Congro capecongro@hotmail.com
Justin Manning justin@jjmanning.com
Dan Megan danielmegan@yahoo.com
Mike Migliore Mike.Migliore@CapeAir.com
Kathy O'Brien kobhob@gmail.com
Bill Reardon wreardon_400@comcast.net
Jerome Siegel drjsiegel@aol.com

Advisory Board Members

Frank Deleo fjdeleojr@aol.com
John Esborn freightforlife@yahoo.com
Chris Gendreau crgendreau@verizon.net
Jeff Johnson holderhill@comcast.net
Tom Madden thumperpc@comcast.net
Deana Richardson deanadr@aol.com




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